The Reports of Alexander Hamilton

Topics: Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers, United States Constitution Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: October 8, 1999
1. Tittle: The Reports of Alexander Hamilton

2. Author: Jacob E., Cooke

3. What kind of childhood did this person have?

Alexander Hamilton had a rough and tough childhood. Born on the West Indian Island of Nevis as the illegitimate son of James Hamilton (a Scottish trader) and Rachel Faucett Lavien. Hamilton underwent a lot as a child. He had to face his mother's death at the age of twelve and his dad's bankruptcy, which forced him to go live with some folks that accepted to take him in.

4. What kind of education?

Born to a poor family, Hamilton never had the opportunity to engage in any educational practice while still living with his parents. It wasn't until he moved into the counting home of David Beckman and Nicholas Cruger at saint Croix where he exhibited a precocious ability to comprehend the complexities of commerce and accounting. As time went on, he was later able to enroll at a grammar school at Elizabeth, in New Jersey (1772-1774) and then entered King's College (Today Columbus University).

5. Who raised this person?

Hamilton lived with his parents up to the age of twelve. He then moved with David Beckman and Nicholas Cruger at Saint Croix. They took care of Hamilton as if they were his real folks until the age of 23 which is when he married Elizabeth Schuyler, daughter of General Philip John Schuyler, a member of an influential New York family.

6. Who inspired of influenced this person?

Hamilton inspired himself. His urge to be heard and recognized gave him the every to keep on voicing his thoughts for the need of a strong central government in order to foster the development of a great and powerful American nation. He first entered the revolutionary movement in 1774 with a speech at a public meeting, urging the calling of a general congress of the colonies.

7. What obstacles have this person overcome?

At the Annapolis Convention, where people met to discuss matters not covered by the...
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