The reality of American dream

Topics: Working class, Poverty, Social class, Sociology, Middle class, Wealth / Pages: 4 (861 words) / Published: Sep 23rd, 2013
EAD II, Section 15
Deborah Allen
Rough 1
The reality of American dream The American dream is to say everyone has the equal opportunity to achieve success. This idea is represented everywhere in US through the media and education. So that every American believes that they all have equal rights and equal chance to succeed. However, the fact is that class exists all the time. Diana Kendall’s essay, Framing Class, Vicarious Living, and Conspicuous Consumption, talks that the media helps people to shape their perception. The media represents the wonderful life of upper class and shows that everyone has equal opportunity to be upper class, the successful people. But Kendall argues that what the media shows is not the truth and inequality does exist in today’s society. The same argument about social inequality is claimed by Gregory Mantsios. Class in America- 2006, written by Mantsios, argues against the general myths in America that everyone has equal rights. He says class does exist in American and the gap between different classes is getting larger and larger. Both articles analysis real social class in America. The American dream is everyone has equal opportunity to get success. People all believe this idea and try to work hard to achieve their goals. The media in US helps us to shape this perception about equal rights that “Large through marketing and advertising, television promoted the myth of the classes society, offering on one hand images of an American dream fulfilled wherein any and every one can become rich and on the other suggesting that lived experience of this lack of class hierarchy was expressed by our equal right to purchase anything we could afford” (Kendall 332). The US TV shows such as American dream is about how a normal low class or middle class person becomes a pop star and a rich one. And many TV programs display many brands, which make people think it is common for everyone to purchase luxury

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