the quiet american

Topics: Graham Greene, Thomas and Friends, Ringo Starr Pages: 7 (1751 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Introduction of the Novel
Graham Greene wrote The Quiet American in 1955. The book is a novel based on Greene's experience traveling and reporting on the war which the Vietnam were waging against the French colonial army in Vietnam in the early 1950's. (Donaghy,1983) The Quiet American

Vietnam is only understood by living there, it is very beautiful until something happens that you might have expected to happen. Not many care about the death of a US citizen for they are causing most of the trouble there. As we see Thomas Fowler(reporter for The Time Sun newspaper) is meeting up with Pyle (working for the American economic mission), and as they meet, Pyle asks him about his opinion towards the country, and Fowler says that he is not bias to anything or any party, and that he is neutral. Once Pyle laid eyes on Phuong (Thomas's girlfriend). Thomas realized that saving a country and a woman is the same to Pyle. Corruption, mendacity, and plan on north attacking them are the recent news for Thomas, and he also got asked to go back to London. He wants to go to (Phat Diem), but the place is very dangerous, and conspiracies are happening everywhere as seen by him. Two years pass and it is their anniversary, also realizing that he is too old for Phuong's games and cuddles. Phuong introduces herself to Pyle when they first meet, and that her name means (Phoenix), but he thought that her name meant a rose, like the rose upon her hair. Thomas explains to Pyle, that unlike what he thinks of Phuong, he is wrong and that she used to be a taxi dancer to provide for her and her sister after their father passed away, and it took him six months to get a first date with her. In between all this praise of Phuong, Pyle falls in love with her in a discreet way. As Thomas goes to Phat Diem with a patrol, once they find a man in a boat that he recognizes and that for don’t shoot him knowing it is Pyle, looking lost. While they are at the bunker and get attacked, he realizes that loosing Phuong frightens him more than any bullet being shot over his head. And in between all of this chaos, He accuses Pyle of being from US intelligence, and to make him forget about that matter Pyle confesses that he is in love with Phuong, without having any bad intentions from the start. He openly disrespects Thomas, but Thomas does not care for knowing that Pyle will get rejected by his true love. They head back to Saigon separately, to the sight of a new political party. Pyle heads to Thomas's house, and after a short while Phuong gets their too. Pyle confesses to Phuong and lets out what feelings he holds towards her, meanwhile, Thomas gets mad for every apparent reason that there might be, but Phuong nicely thanks him and refuses his idea, and offers him some pipe (Opium), but he kindly rejects the idea and leaves to save face. Thomas accuses Phuong`s sister for not meeting up for dinner so that she would meet up with Pyle, meanwhile he sends a letter to his wife for divorce in order to fulfill his promise to Phuong of marriage. Thomas goes off for the interview with (general The'), and encounters Pyle after several months, but surprisingly to be glad about it rather than uncomfortable. Thomas asks general The' a couple of very inconvenient questions and adds the massacre of Phat Diem to it, therefore the general ragingly leaves the place and excusing himself out of his sight. While trying to leave the place Thomas sees Joe and suspects something. As Thomas and Pyle are on their way back home they run out of petrol, and Thomas knows that his car was siphoned, therefore he searches for a watch tower to get fuel from, but encounters two soldiers where they are protecting the tower. Two men in love with one Phuong and both tease each other of what she might be doing at that moment, and Thomas being superior to Pyle for his experience and history with Phuong allowed him to imagine every move she was doing at that moment. During these talks they get...
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