The Quiet American - Imaginative

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Fallujah’s End
Sunday 20th April 2004 - Afghanistan.
It has not always been like this. There was once peace in this land, though peace is now naught but a faded memory. When I first came here, i only saw the smiles of the kids in the streets just kicking a ball or running around. Now what I see is half broken roads with half or completely destroyed buildings with possibly 'invisible' bombs around the roads. Instead of travelling around this city in a taxi, I have to travel in a goddamn Humvee. 6 years ago it was, when I first landed here in a plane, being forced to come here to negotiate with the government of Afghanistan with that of mine, USA that is. They call me the 'Mr. Negotiator' as apparently I can negotiate with other people on good terms which suits USA best. Firstly when I came here, I did not realise that I was doing good for only my home country, but aiming to change both sides for the greater good. I had always remained neutral, since I was a teenager. I had only taken the position of the head of foreign affairs for USA because I had believed it was the only job which could strive to make a change for the greater good for both sides. However, I had been foolish to realize that in the end, it was only USA gaining the benefits of my work. "Here we are Mr. Allen," said the petty officer driving the Humvee. "Thanks for the ride, I won't need the ride back today," I replied. "No problem."

Back to the American air base in Fallujah, the last time I had been asked to come here was back 3 weeks ago when the first attack upon the building I had originally stayed in had been bombed to ashes. As all the soldiers had told me, that event would be listed as an experience in my life which would help shape my thoughts upon this war. I thought that to myself, thinking that if my own experiences had anything to do with my thoughts upon the wider situations, such as this war. Even conflicts I had been faced with in the past would not result in changing my mind about my ultimate goal, which is aiming for neutrality between nations. "Johnny Allen!" a voice shouted.

"Well I haven't seen your face around here for a long time, where have you been?" "Oh, Chris, it’s you...” I replied.

Lieutenant Chris Donovan, head of the task force which carries out black ops missions for the US government. He hasn't changed a bit since the first time we met in high school. Narrow-minded, always thought that he was right. Ever since he had joined the army, he had believed that the government’s actions were always for the futuristic benefits for every side. Like any one could believe those words... seriously. "Yeah, been quite busy with work and all that you know, how are things on your end?" I asked. "Not bad, just taking care of some paperwork needed to be finished by the end of today. How long you here for this time?" He asked as if he had been happy that I'm here. "Most likely for the rest of the week."

"You can sleep in the same cabin as me tonight, we are quite full tonight," he told me. "Okay, no worries, I'll return to the cabin when I've finished my work for the day." I concluded. After that conversation, I had continued to walk towards the main office building which I had last recalled, was located right behind me. As I had continued to walk, I had realised, this air base was probably the nicest buildings located in all of Fallujah right now. Most of the buildings had just a normal brick sturdy construction. Nothing fancy, but compared to those suburban buildings, it was probably on the scale of heaven.

After I had finished off the paperwork which was needed to be sent to the secretary general of the government, the only purpose that I had been brought here as well, I returned to the block where I would be spending the night in, Chris’s room. I remember the last time I came here, Chris had told me something I would never forget. I remembered the exact time and setting when he had told me, it was a cold night in Fallujah,...
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