The Puppy Who Lost His Way

Topics: Château, Gone, The Most Dangerous Game Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: December 17, 2013
“He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided.” As morning comes Rainsford is awaken by the shouting of a man, a more familiar voice says Rainsford quietly to himself. Beyond his belief he stumbles to the window of the chateau to see Whitney yelling for help from the wrecked boat. Rainsford says he’s back to find his friend who he had lost only but four days ago. Rainsford stumbles down the steps and greets his friend just as Zaroff had met him at the door. Rainsford brings Whitney in and Rainsford explains everything that had happened to him the past few days. That Zaroff man seems like a monster, Whitney said. Rainsford then takes Whitney around the island showing him the numerous spots were he had been hiding from Zaroff. He also showed Whitney the 10 slaves in the basement; this is just making Whitney even more and more disgusted about this Zaroff man. The two men then come back to the eerie chateau for a somewhat royal lunch. Rainsford thinks to himself that is seems as if Whitney is the same position he was in just a few days ago. He also realizes that he himself is now Zaroff. Rainsford remains nearly speechless for the rest of the lunch.

As night approaches Whitney is bewildered to find that Rainsford is gone. He goes outside and not but a minute passes and hears a rustle of the bushes, out emerges a dark shadowy figure. It is Rainsford with his shirt soaking in blood, Whitney, says Rainsford you are awake
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