The Problem And Its Background

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Chapter 1

The mission of the academic library is to contribute to the goals of the college or university of which it is a part to the wider scholarly community. These goals pertain to teaching, learning, research and public service in some combination. The enduring traditional and widely accepted function of the academic library is to provide bibliographical and physical access to books and the information sources required to support the diverse missions of our various academic and research institution. The primary characteristics of a good library are its identification with the institution. The measure of excellence is the extent to which its resources, services and facilities support the institutions mission and objectives. The library in the tertiary level institution is designed as: (1) a teaching component; (2) a stimulus to independent intellectual development; and (3) as essential resource to well-rounded liberal education. The library shall be regarded as a vital academic resource of the institution and as such its organizational structure. Academic libraries, whether private or public, have been considered as essential part of advanced learning. Its fundamental role is educational. It should not be operated on as a mere storehouse of books attached to a reading room, but as a dynamic instrument of education. It plays a very vital role in the life of a nation. It feeds the intellect of students, faculty, researchers, scholars, and casual readers and also those who enter its place to partake fully its intellectual and cultural fare. In line with goals of the institution the academic library is an important intellectual resource of the academic community, needs of its patrons or readers by providing as adequate, well-selected and well-organized collection supporting its courses and programs offered and adequate facilities.

Background of the Study(profile of the company, location, history) Statement of the...
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