Libraries: Preservers and Promoters of Culture and the Arts

Topics: Sidney Sheldon, World, History Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: January 23, 2014
“Libraries: Preservers and Promoters of Culture and the Arts”
“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore, achieve and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.”—Sidney Sheldon, Academy Award Winning American Writer

As what Sidney Sheldon stated, libraries are like keys which unlock a new world unknown to us. Even before we were born, libraries already existed. Races come and go but their lifestyle, beliefs, traditions and practices remain inside the libraries for it reincarnates the history of humanity by preserving and promoting ancient records of genealogy and immigration, important findings and artifacts, environmental issues, Presidential terms, genesis of different places and the evolution and development of humankind. They serve as candles which allow itself to be used to enlighten people who want to broaden their mind and expand their understanding of any particular subject.

For an instance, library’s role is considered sacred for it provides a sense of immortality. With the ever-changing world and continuous advancement of technology, libraries are never outdated and obsoleted for it will always remain stable and dependable. It is a concrete evidence which marks the end of pre-history and the start of living history and leads to an advancement to all cultural developments.

What is distinct about libraries is that it annually celebrates the National Book Week and Library Month every November to promote Nation-building by assembling documents, archives and artifacts which provides a basis for a shared sense of the past and a common national and cultural identity.

Time is never wasted in a library. It is the keeper of our history as well as the promoters of a literate and well-educated people of the world. And also, libraries are like gardeners which plant books, knowledge and dreams and grow readers, learners and doers....
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