The Pricing Barrier - Essay

Topics: Business, Retailing, Sales Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: March 18, 2011
* Studying the Indian luggage industry before entering into the market * To study why Gibraltar had not launched its products in the industry * How to enter the Indian luggage market to break Monarch’s monopoly and Gibraltar’s brand recall * How to use advertising to compete with the pre-positioned brands and create a market competition Diagnosis:

* European brand Tufflug had plans to enter the Indian luggage market but did not, after Gibraltar, a US luggage giant tied up with an Indian plastic sheets manufacturer * But Gibraltar had still not introduced its products and was strengthening its vendor base for raw materials * The kingpin of the Indian luggage industry was Monarch India which had 70% share in the luggage market especially the premium luggage category. Everyone asked for the brand and trusted it blindly * But the brand was not able to ensure strong product differentiation and did not incorporate any significant changes in its products * Gibaraltar was moreover a foreign brand and sold in the same category * But it was still struggling to defeat Monarch and could not enter the premium category segment easily Conclusion:

* India the luggage was seen as a utility

* To study and understand the change in the consumer of the current times. * To change the retail and sales management set up and make it more retailers oriented. * To eliminate the stockists between the manufacturer and retailer * To hamper the retailers from influencing the consumers and act as a catalyst themselves * To increase the brand presence and put all the products together Diagnosis:

* Kuello- a skincare and cosmetics products brand had a visible and strong shelf presence across stores. * Vice President Sales who got intrigued with the website supermarket found out that the brand was not present on the website. * He realised that with the changing...
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