The Power of Silence

Topics: Psychological manipulation, Communication, Blame Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The Power of Silence
Silence by definition, is the absence of something. Most often it is the absence of sound but on occasion, silence is used to describe inaction. As a part of everyday life we can find comfort in it, wallow in it or even flee from it. For centuries silence has marked as many ceasefires as it has quiet times before storms. When wielded properly, silence can be a potent driver for change. How silence has affected me is when my cousin and I were at my grandparent’s house, where my cousin broke an antique vase. In this case, one way or another, my silence was beneficial to both of us. Practicing silence allows others to attempt to read your thoughts, is a form of communication and empowers the self. Silence conveys messages to other people and allows them to try to read your thoughts without verbal communication. People that communicate with silence may convey that they are so angry that they refuse to respect the other person. When my cousin broke the vase and was questioned about what happened, he immediately put the blame on me. He gave no thought to any other consequences such us the future of our friendship or personal guilt. I remained silent which was interpreted as accepting the guilt to my grandparents and complete shock from my cousin, who lied to save himself from trouble. He had expected me to retaliate which I did not do. My loving grandparents told me that I was old enough to take responsibility for my actions and pay for the cost of the vase. The continued silence, on my part, sent the message that I had accepted the punishment and complied to pay for the vase. Silence can also send a message to others that you are intentionally being uncooperative, defiant or distant. Silence is a universal form of communication and can be used to express emotion and help us connect with the people around us. Silence is easy to understand and is interpreted based on expression, attitudes and actions. When I was blamed for breaking the vase,...
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