The Pool

Pages: 2 (932 words) Published: April 26, 2013
By Corey Campbell 2009

The short story Pool, by Corey Campbell, is a tale which calls for reflection. The main themes in the short story are transition from adolescence to being an adult and identity. We see how some young people are afraid to grow up and do all the stereotypical things which we associate with being an adult. We see the trouble that young people encounter when they are trying to find their very own identity. At last the short story makes you philosophize over a metaphor which could be life-affirming to some humans. Darla, who is the main character in the short story, is a young, insecure and a low profile woman. Darla is in a relatively new relationship with Jon. Darla knows that her relationship with Jon is not going to last but sincerely that is the thing she likes the most about him - because then she does not have to care that much about him. In continuation of this we can read between the lines that Darla does not appear to be a girl who cares about the future. So Darla does not want a long-lasting relationship - and accordingly she does not want to get married. She also says that “I think it would be too hard” about being married. Darla is not a girl who wants to talk about her problems - not even with her boyfriend Jon. She and Jon had an accident where the condom splits so Darla took a morning-after pill. They do not talk about this and they just pretend that it did not happen. But like a little girl Darla gets a guilty conscience when the pharmacist looks at her. Darla is that kind of girl who does not want to do many things - that is what you are made believe because she says no to everything: more food, a zip of the beer, go to the pool and even no to get her feet wet. The relationship between Darla and Jon is doomed in advance. Early in the text we are told that Darla knows that the relationship is not going to last. Jon is a nice guy who takes Darla to expensive restaurants, asks if she is okay, wants her to relax and...
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