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Topics: Marriage, Wife, Literature Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: December 26, 2014
Wednesday, 17th December 2014
Name: Edwin Yogi Andrean
NIM: 2211412022
Subject: Literary Criticism

Feminist Criticism of Jake Allsop’s “Gossip”
Feminist criticism is type of literature analysis that tends to advocates the plight of women, thereby protecting women’s right. Feminist criticism will highlight how women differ from men, the characteristic of women and behavior in the society. Feminist criticism will thus study factors such as racial issues, ideologies, marginality and many more aspects that women feel that they are not given an equal right in the society. After reading Jake Allsop’s Gossip I see that this work can be regarded as a feminist literature work. In this story, the play depicts the life of women who has been suppressed and ignored by the negligent husband. This story shows an inside look at the life of women who is being oppressed because of the lack of attention from the husband. Through the dialogue and narration we can analyze Jake Allsop’s “Gossip” using feminist criticism. In the story there is a widower named Fred who is becomes the counselor for the married woman. He very knows about woman more than anyone else in that village, including the husband. Those women always feel comfortable when sharing and doing anything with Fred because he tried to treat them equally, that is what every woman want - a person who is willing to pay an attention and treat them equally. Carol, Ann, and Judi are the married women whose being Fred’s companion along the story. Within the story we can see how they are told the bad things about their husband and also got along with someone which is not their husband. They are feeling uncomfortable with their husband’s treatment, and prefer to be close with the man who can treat them kindly. At the same time when Fred decided to left his village because of the gossip, those women are still decided to seek for equality. Ann had an affair with an estate agent from Stamford, Judy Smith was no longer...
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