The political impact on society

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In this case study I will be analysing the impact of political, legal, and social factors on business. The company that I will be using for this case study is Jessops, which is a British photographic retail company. Founded in 1935, Jessops has established itself as the UK’s leading photographic equipment retailer, selling camera equipment, photo equipment and other merchandise with regards to photography. Operating with over 200 stores across the UK, an online store and a customer call centre, Jessops has become a major photographic brand name even after its financial problems. The first factor that I will be covering is political factors and how they influence businesses and in particular Jessops. Political factors will cover governmental regulations and laws and how they affect Jessops business operations. The second factor that I will be covering in this case study is legal, in which businesses must comply with legal regulations within their businesses which range from the equal pay act to the race relations act and everything in between. The third factor that I will be covering in this case study is social factors, which include bankruptcy and modernisation etc. Political Factors:

Political factors can have a major and dramatic effect on a business’s operations and how it runs. Businesses can be affected by many aspects of governmental policy and in particular all businesses must abide to the law. They must also consider the impact of any forthcoming and future legislation on their business and its operations. Businesses must also take into action the more generalised political ambitions of the current government. For example the current conservative-led coalition government is reducing jobs in the public sector and is hoping that the private sector will grow to create new jobs in the economy. The government’s emphasis on private sector growth could provide opportunities for Jessops if it leads to a more buoyant economy. One issue that affects...
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