The parallels between The Crucible and the Rwanda Genocide

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Hutu, Tutsi Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: May 18, 2014
The Parallels between The Crucible and The Rwanda Genocide The themes of justice, community and sacrifice in The Crucible are universal and can be identified in many modern events in history, including the Rwanda Genocide. The genocide in Rwanda and The Salem Witch Hunts in The Crucible have many striking similarities, primarily these are: the hunting down and killing of a group of people identified as being different, the mass killing of people for no valid reason and the taking of revenge on a whole group of people for the acts of one or more individuals of that group. Common to these two events is the ruthless hunting down of victims. The judges in The Crucible pressure Abigail and the girls for the names of possible witches. Their mission is to convict as many as possible, without questioning if they may be innocent. The judges are merciless predators hunting their prey, exactly like the relentless Hutu’s seeking out the Tutsi’s in every part of Rwanda. The Hutu’s burst into people’s homes, ruthlessly searching for any Tutsi, ready to savagely torture them with machetes before killing them. Any Tutsi they find, regardless of age or sex, gets brutally slaughtered in order to totally eliminate the tribe. Another similarity is the relative escalation of death and murder once the trials/genocide had started. The numbers of deaths in The Crucible were much greater than anyone in the beginning could have predicted. Once Abigail realised the extent of the damage she had caused and saw how out of hand the trials had gotten, she fled. The violence in Rwanda reached extremes far greater than expected and became a genocide, resulting in the deaths of between 500 000-1 000 000 people, with thousands and thousands of brutally butchered corpses littering the streets.

The motive behind both events is revenge. In The Crucible, Abigail initially uses the idea of witchcraft to save her own skin, she then realises that she can use it as excuse to seek revenge on Elizabeth...
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