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The Hutu Tribe The culture of the Hutu and Tutsi tribes of Rwanda, Africa interests me for many reasons. One reason is that they are so diverse from our American way of life. Another reason is that I have heard a little bit about them in the news and by talking to people. This sparked my interest and made me want to learn more about them. I will cover a wide variety of information in my report. This will include the land where they live, their way of life, their history and ancestry, and what...

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Hutu and Reed Burundi

Present day Burundi is a country that has been occupied by Twa, Tutsi, and Hutu for the last 500 years. The Twa are believed to be indigenous to the land, and descendants of pygmies. The Hutu are believed to have migrated next form the west, and pushed the Twa peoples into the forests to live as hunter-gatherers. Eventually the Tutsi migrated from the Nile region, and now make up about 15% of the population; the Twa, 1%; the Hutu, 85%. Political unrest has been the norm for Burundi since the 19th...

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Persuasive Essay On Rwanda Genocide

were being treated better than the Hutu people were (Longman 2-3). In Rwanda two people lived. The Hutu occupied the majority of the population, while the Tutsi people made up the rest. These two groups lived together in Rwanda for many years with no major conflicts. But the chaos began when the Hutu people started to rebel because of unfair treatment like power and luxury. Things shifted after a new Hutu president was elected and the Hutu people were equal. The Hutu people attacked Tutsi when their...

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Rwandan Genocide

Genocide began on April 6 1994 in Rwanda, Africa. This occurred when the political leaders of the Hutu nation blamed the Tutsi minority for the political, social and economic issues that Rwanda was facing. The Tutsi nation was also accused of supporting a Tutsi dominated rebel group, the Rwandan Patriotic Front also known as RPF. President Habyarimana, who was a Hutu, increased division between the Hutu and Tutsi nation by using propaganda. On April 6 1994 a plane carrying President Habyarimana was...

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Rwanda Genocide Research Paper

three groups: Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa. The Hutu people made up eighty five percent of the population, the Tutsi made up fourteen, and the very small group Twa made up the very little amount of one percent. Since the Hutu thought that the Tutsi were responsible for killing the President, who was also a part of the Hutu tribe, Hutu extremist decided that they would destroy the Tutsi and everything they had. This genocide was one of the most brutal in history approximately 800,000 Tutsi, and Hutu were lost...

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The Rwandan Genocide was a massacre of an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus over a 100-day period in 1994. The genocide was an example of ethnic cleansing, as the Hutu group attempted to kill or displace Rwanda's Tutsi minority. Before the European occupation of Rwanda, the Tutsis and Hutus lived different lifestyles. Tutsis and Hutus were separate ethnic groups that lived peacefully with no discrimination or clashes between the groups. After World War 1, Belgium overtook Rwanda...

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Notes on Rwandan Genocide 1994

majority Hutu (meaning servant) population and 14% minority Tutsi (meaning rich in cattle) aristocracy as put in place by colonial Belgium. They had since been removed from power in the 1962 rebellion and since then had been seen as second class citizens. As a result of this, socio-ethnic tensions had been greatly increased and were only going to rise higher. History and Build Up: Belgium colonizes Rwanda and empower the Tutsi population making them the aristocracy and suppressing Hutu resistance...

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Tlatelolco Massacre Essay

were being killed by the Majority group of Hutu by government call. The Rwandan genocide was the performance of the Hutu group carrying out the mass murder of the Tutsi people, in which were slain by the most primary weapon, a machete. The Hutu government had provided many resources to make the mass murders successful the government provided arms, had planned the mass killing spree of the Tutsi minority , and had leadership over the militias. The Hutu were given power and became the, Majority,...

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where I lived in central Rwanda, were Christians. We all liked and ate the same kinds of food. At least 95 percent of my village was farmers. I would never know the difference between Hutu and Tutsi if I did not learn it from school, family and peers. School was the first place that taught me the concept of Tutsi and Hutu. I attended a Catholic school but the national Rwandan Board of Education set the curriculum. During the first week of the school year, there was what I call the census of Hutus and...

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History Project – Romeo Dallaire’s Plight - the Failure of Humanity in Rwanda

the Tutsis (14%) and the Twa (1%). Hutu extremists within Rwanda’s political elite blamed the entire Tutsi minority population for the country’s increasing social, economic, and political pressures. Habyarimana, the Rwandan president, deepened divides between Tutsis and Hutus through constant political manoeuvring and propaganda. On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying the president was shot down and violence erupted almost immediately. Under the cover of war, Hutu extremists launched their plans in...

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