The Parable of the Old Man and the Young

Topics: Binding of Isaac, Sacrifice, Poetry Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Parable of the old man and the young
Wilfred Owen

Despite Owen's initial anti-war attitude, he found himself no longer able to stand aloof بمعزل from the actualities فعليات of the First World War . so he enlisted تجند on 21st October 1915 in the Artist's Rifles زى اسم سلاح او كتيبه فى الجيش زى مثلا سلاح المشاه. according to his own thinking at that time Experience with its pains and suffering is what a seriousجاد poet would need . The thought of fighting had clearly captured Owen's imagination. If he can make it a "real" adventure, he may be able to create his own literature from the experience .

As Owen reached the realization that it was his fate to write about the war , he wanted to write truthfully about the poor soldiers. Owen himself stressesيؤكد the idea of the poet as being truthful to experience, "I think every poem, and every figure of speech should be a matter of experience". Owen became quite convincedمقتنع of the inadequacy عدم ملائمه of his former poetic diction to describe horrors of war.

Despite his complete lack of hope for his generation, Owen has fully realized that he had a mission مهمه towards the next generations: " all a poet can do today is to warn يحذر" ; to warn them not to accept the war as if it were a natural disaster كارثه/ مصيبه . He clearly understood that it was his missionمهمه to tell the whole complex truth about war which would never find its way into published history-books. Owen launchedيطلق/ يوجه his anger in two direction. The first was towards the church of England that praised the sacrificeالتضحيه benefitsمزايا of war. In the First World War ,religion had been monopolized ( exploited) استغل by politicians to motivate يحث civilians المدنيين and soldiers towards war throughout The motif فكره of holy war and Christian self-sacrifice that was employed by clergymen رجال الدين. Most church in England insisted that Britain was fighting a war for purity, for freedom , for international honour , and for the...
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