The Painted Veil

Topics: Marriage, Love, A Dog's Life Pages: 4 (1559 words) Published: May 30, 2010
This is a story of a woman who suffers a lot in her life trying to find her way to peace.Her name is Kitty Fane.The main characters of the book are Kitty an Walter Fane.They are married.Tuis is how their story started.Kitty's mother was hard,cruel,managing,ambitious,parsimonious,stupid woman.She married her husband because he seemend then a yong man of promise and her father said he would go far ,but he didn't. He was industrious and capable ,but he didn't have the will to advance himself. Mrs.Garstin despised him,but she recognized that she could only achieve success through him,and she set herself to drive him on the way she desired to go. She tried to cultivate people, who might be useful to her husband.She nagged him without mercy.But this were vain efforts.So having been planned as a marriage of convenience it turned out to be a complete failure. As for their daughters (Kitty and Doris) ,they have never looked upon their father as anything but a source of income.It had always seemed perfectly natural for them ,that he should lead a dog's life ,in order to provide his family with boards and lodgings, clothes ,holidays and money for odds and ends.It never occurred to them to ask themselves ,what were the feelings of that subdued man who went out early in the morning and came home at night only in time to dress for dinner.He was a stranger to them ,but because he was their father they took it for granted that he should love and cherish them.When Kitty's mother realized that her husband had not been able to promote himself ,it was on her daughters she set her hopes.By arranging good marriages for them, looking for someone who would be well off and in a sutable profession ,she expected to make up for all her disappointments.As for Doris ,she gave no signs of good looks,Mrs garstin could not hope for her.But Kitty was a beauty.She had large dark eyes,vivacious,brown,curling hair in which there was a redish tint, exquisite teeth and lovely skin.Mrs.Garstin sent...
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