The Painted Door: Analysis If Ann

Topics: Emotion, Depression, Psychology Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 17, 2010
”The Painted Door”- Analysis of Ann

Throughout the short story “The Painted Door” the main character, Ann, resembles a selfish, frustrated, unhappy and insecure character with a weak personality. She faces some problems with both herself and John, her husband. They do not have a very healthy relationship which leads to John’s suicidal death in the end. John is a simple farmer who thinks the only way he can please Ann is by working all day to earn money for her. However Ann would prefer him to spend more time with her, which is a typical housewife demand. That shows her main character trait: selfishness. She is being unfair to him because she wants him to stay next to her all the time while he wants to go work and make money. Once, John goes to his father’s house, leaving Ann home alone, where her feelings of isolation, desperation, fear, rebelliousness, and unhappiness consume her, bringing out her true character. Ann is the most to blame for her depression, her affair with Steven, and John’s suicide. Although John does not pay much attention to Ann, it is Ann's fault because she never tells John that she wants to spend more time with him instead of him working. Ann brings her depression upon herself because she hides her feelings from John so they can never resolve them. Ann tries to distract her mind by painting the door, this symbolizes the desperation that she suffers from because she feels an urgent need to fill the sense of emptiness, regret and loneliness that appears to be overtaking her life. She is weak, both emotionally and physically; she feels sorry for herself. By continually trying to convince herself that John is the reason for her unhappiness, she is searching for a way out, a way to try and resolve her rebellious thoughts and pessimistic outlook on life. Steven is who she turns to for comfort, which helps her feel young and rejuvenated again. Although Ann is not extremely attractive, she is of average appearance, enough to attract...
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