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1. Red Sky at Morning
2.Richard Bradford, 1968
3.United States of America
1.Joshua Arnold: Josh is growing and sarcastic. He is maturing, although some of the things he does are still child-like and rude. By the end of the book Josh has grown a great deal and is becoming a mini version of his father.

2.Ann Arnold: Ann is unhappy and confused. She doesn't know what to do with herself with her husband in the war and she drinks her way out of her troubles.
3.Frank Arnold: Frank is considerate and thoughtful. He always tries to give work to whoever needs it. Him going to the war plays a huge role in Josh's maturation.
4.Jimbob Buel: Jimbob is rude and is a moocher. He does not deserve to be living with the Arnolds, and he makes Ann's situation even worse.
5.William Stenopolous (Steenie): Steenie is helpful and inspirational. He helps Josh when he has no other friends.
6.Marcia is outgoing and loyal. She quickly becomes one of Josh's best friends in Sagrado.
7.Maximilio “Chango” Lopez: Chango is misunderstood and changed. He becomes very nice by the end of the book and is one of Josh's friends later on.
8.Victoria Montoya is intelligent and beautiful. She has a positive impact on Josh and he has always liked her even though he might not remember it.
9.Excilda Montoya: Excilda is helpful and a good-cook. Josh loves her authentic cooking although Ann may not.
10.Romeo Bonino: Romeo is artistic and free-spirited. Although many do not approve of him and what he does, he still does what he loves and doesn't let anything stop him.
1.5. Settings:
1.Sagrado: Sagrado seems as if it would be a very safe place to live. It is a little town where pretty much everyone knows everyone. It feels like it would be a very easy-going place that would be fun to live in.

2.Romeo Bonino's house, Sagrado: Romeo's house seems like a very open place. You could go there just to escape from everything else for the time being....
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