The Other Side of Immigration

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Mexico Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: March 13, 2011
The Other Side of Immigration
Anyone who is wondering what is the reason behind why so many Mexicans cross the border illegally into the United States should watch this documentary by Roy Germano called, “The Other Side of Immigration.” This film addresses the root cause on why this mass migration is taking place and how current policies are affecting the Mexican economy. Although the policies that were passed were to benefit the nations involved, Mexico was shown to have experienced more negative effects in this documentary. Using this film as a basis, this essay will discuss the implications for both Mexico and the United States after implementation of such a policy. Moreover, the points made in this film are also considered whereby in the development and adoption of future policies are taken into account and whether United States should execute such plans. Although it cannot be said that the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement had an overall negative impact for Mexico, this documentary paid more attention to rural regions of Mexico where infrastructures were less developed. Therefore, these regions benefited least from NAFTA as they were heavily dependent upon agriculture farming. Free trade had brought these rural farmers to its knees since cheaper good were being imported from the United States. This crippled the local farmers as it was no longer productive to plant crops and at the same time compete with cheaper imported goods. This forced them to look for jobs and support their living elsewhere. In addition to this, the corruption within the Mexican government worsened the problem whereby subsidies were given to favored individuals. Hence only a select few benefited from these government programs and the majority of local Mexican farmers saw no good in staying in a place where there was so little an opportunity. It was in their best interest to migrate elsewhere. So where would these workers turn to other than one of the most developed...

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