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Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Domestic violence Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Child Abuse

Child abuse is worldwide, it is a tragic fact of life that some

parents abuse and neglect their children. The cause of child abuse

depends on the suction, for instance children a mother/father

maybe a alcoholic or a drug user, or a mother/father has been sexually

abuse or molested, or growing up as a child they them self has

been neglected or abuse.

In Canada there was a victim of child abuse mark was abuse by

his mother until the age of 16, in his story he said he felt a lot of

abuse was his fault and he deserved every punch in the face and

every burn from the cigarette, but mark said deep down he knew

none of the abuse was his fault and he didn’t deserve it. He kept it

a secret from everyone; he hid the marks with long sleeves and

jeans. He said when being with his friend he laugh until he cried

but he was screaming inside ‘somebody help me!’ he pretended to

be happy and carefree in school but always thinking “please don’t

let the day end. He did every well in school so no one will suspect

something was going on. mark ran away at 16 and moved wit his

father and he told his father everything his mother did and his

father took custody of him, his mother was every up set and pull

out a gun on him and his father and was caught by a off duty police


How might abuse affect a child future?

Yes every little thing will effect their future. From bad eating

habbits, to bad anger. Children are more hurt to emotional abuse

when they are young. As far as physical abuse, that could take

every bit of life and direction the child had for themselves and

basically thow it out the window, the child will feel lost and pick

up to the new behaviors in front of them. Bascially a child is the

weakest thing an adult or older sibling could prey on, but they

could be taken advantage of quickly. Beat up a pillow.. they dont

argue, they dont...
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