The Night Watch

Topics: Amsterdam, Rembrandt, Dutch people Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Art History I
Pr. Angel Davila


The painting completed in 1642 is a Dutch treasure. The painting is large measuring 11” x 14”. Its was painted in the peek of what is now known as the Dutch Golden Age, where the militia painting where in full effect. But Rembrandt, which was known for not following the norm, decided to take a different approach when capturing the militiamen in his painting. Unlike the single filed lines of men painted in earlier portraits Rembrandt decided to paint the men in such a way that made them look like they were about to march out of the painting. Making it much more intriguing to the people then other paintings of its time. The Night Watch is held in a very high esteem in Dutch that even during war the people went to extreme measures to protect the painting through a process of hiding and relocating the masterpiece various times to ensure its safety. When the painting finally reached a stable place where it could be treasured and admired by many it was vandalized. First a mad man claiming to be told by god, cut the painting with a wood cutting knife, making various slashes on the painting and even cutting out a triangle completely from the painting. After this the Dutch people went through a hard and tedious process to restore the painting to its original state and even took the time to retouch the painting to maintain and preserve it. After that another incident occurred when a man through acid at the painting. Quickly water had to be sprayed on the painting to be able to watch out the acid before it became deeply in beaded in the paint and ruined it for good. Once again the painting was conserved and cared for and is obviously a symbol of culture to the Dutch people. They went through many test and tribulations to ensure the durability of a masterpiece that depicts a huge part of not only Dutch art but of Dutch culture. It truly is an amazing painting.
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