Critical Analysis of Night and Left to Tell

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, The Holocaust, Tutsi Pages: 4 (1783 words) Published: May 12, 2009

Critical Analysis of Left to Tell and Night

Andrew Hayes
SOC 111- Social Problems
Prof. John Sterlacci

While reading the books, Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza, and Night by Elie Wiesel, the similarity in person was very prominent. Noticing how closely related these two authors were in their time of struggle and how they conquered their struggles to become survivors. Family, personality, religion, and lifestyle all played separate parts in the story which were told. Though these authors share many similarities, there are still a few ways they differ in the events they were exposed to. Family plays a role in nearly everyone’s life. For Immaculee, family was the most treasured thing she had. She had a strong connection with her family and in the beginning of her book; she describes her family as well as she can. Her detail for each member shows her respect and cherishment for each one of them. She had a strong father who was well respected among the community they lived in. He was seen as a guide for many villagers and a big role model to his children, though he rarely showed to be the emotional type. Her mother was the caregiver of the household and also a strong woman who was well known for being a female with an education as a teacher. She had two older brothers and one younger brother. Her brothers were showed to be some of her best friends and most cared about people in her life during the struggle. The family as a whole was very supportive for each other, and their parents did everything they could to provide a safe and successful future for their children. Aside from the parental support, the children showed to give one another a form of moral support by helping the others in need and being there when needed. This helped her cope with the horrid things going on around her and helped her stay hopeful besides when she saw the character change in her older brother, Damascene, and father when the genocide first began. She saw the once...
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