The Myth of Atalanta

Topics: Love, Citation, Hunting Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: November 22, 2010
“The Myth of Atalanta”

What is the price of love and happiness? Atalanta is a beautiful woman who was nursed by a she-bear during her earliest years. Then she was raised by a couple of hunters, including Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. As a result, Atalanta grew up in the wilderness to be a very skilled hunter. Atalanta was destined to be alone and celibate, until Milanion a young man that hated women fell in love with her. He began the chase even though others had lost their lives doing so.

Atalanta was a skilled hunter and runner, so she challenged the best and bravest of the town’s men to compete against her. It was said that she could outrace any man. She even wanted to join the party that searched for the Golden Fleece but was denied the opportunity because of her beauty. Beautiful women were considered a distraction to men. This is to say that where men and women are together there is also great tension growing and the work that needs to be done may not be accomplished. This is not necessarily because of anything the woman has done. It is simply because of her presence and the attention that each man thinks he must devote to her in order to protect her from the other men. Atalanta was capable of taking care of herself because she was a skilled wrestler. On one occasion she fought and defeated the town’s hero and no man wants to be known as the one that was beaten down by a woman.

After being denied the opportunity to hunt for the Golden Fleece, she took part in another hunt -the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. It is here she met and fell in love with the Prince of Calydonia. And it was during this hunting season the beautiful Atalanta became pregnant. However, before she could have the baby the Prince died. There is no evidence to support this theory but it seem that the Princes was careless and distracted by the woman that he loved. It may have cost him his life and because of this she secretly gave birth to a baby boy and left the baby on the...

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