The Moonlit Night

Topics: Moon, English-language films, Key Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: October 19, 2012
A beautiful moonlit night.
Nowadays,houses and buildings in a city or town are mostly lit by electricity public roads are well lit at night. Therefore,town people do not seem to notice the moon shinning in the night sky.There is no electricity in villages and resultm country folk have to do things by the light of the moon. They usually get a chance to admire the beauty of the moonlit nights. I still remember a beautiful moonlit night night that I enjoyed in the October of last year. At that time ,I was staying with my family and relatives in Chaung-Thar beach in Myanmar. That night was a moonlit night that people called "Thadingyut" full moon night. The moon was very large and shinning brightly and I could not help gazing at the silvery moon with a feeling of great pleasure.The moon bathed the countryside in a silvery light. Thus,I could see the shadows of the big breakers crashed in thunderous white to the beach. As there wa a fair along the beach,we walked through that fair and bought presents for remembrance . After that we sat on the beach ang built a bonfire at the beachside. Then,we played sparkler and fire crackers. Then,I sat in silence and gazed at the moon. A light refreshing breeze was blowing and the herbs are swaying gently. Moreover,it was interesting to hear some children playing hopscotch and lind man's buff. Hearing the sounds was unusual experience for a city dweller like me. However,I had enjoyed that beautiful moonlit night happily and I had seen the living style of people in there. During this moonlit night, I had got some knowledges and enjoyed to feel the beauty of the moon The silvery light of the moon made beach look lovely . From this moonlit night,my mind was relaxed and my heart was filled with joys. It wa the most beautiful feeling I had ver experienced. I usually remember sitting in front of the bonfire and gazing at a yellowish full moon as if...
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