the mission

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November 25, 2014

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The Mission

The mission is a 1986 film directed by Roland Joffe, which takes place during the 1750’s. In a more directional way, in the movie there is a conflict between Jesuits of Spain and Portugal. The Jesuits go on to extend ministry of Jesus to America Indians and create a village like environment in the woods. The king does not agree and wont allow it because it is under his opinion that the Native Americans are animal. So, the Portuguese go and destroy the entire village of monks and priests as well as the Native Americans. The film involves Spanish Jesuit priest Father Gabriel who is in the South American jungle to build a mission and convert a Guaraní community to Christianity. The community above the dangerous Iguazu Falls has tied a priest to a cross and sent him over the falls to his death. Father Gabriel then goes and climbs a waterfall and is captivated but miraculously is let go.

Mercenary and slaver Robert De Niro who plays Rodrigo Mendoza makes his living kidnapping natives and selling them to nearby plantations, including the plantation of the Spanish Governor Don Cabeza. Mendoza finds his fiancée and his younger half-brother Felipe sleeping together. With much anger, he kills Felipe in a fight. Although Cabeza acquits him of the killing, then Mendoza falls into depression. Father Gabriel visits and challenges Mendoza to make penance. Mendoza accompanies the Jesuits on their return journey, dragging a heavy bundle containing his armor and sword. When they reached the Natives territory, there are a few tense moments when the natives recognize him, but they soon embrace a weeping Mendoza and cut away his heavy bundle.

Father Gabriel's mission is portrayed as a place of sanctuary and education for the Guaraní. Mendoza wishes to help at the mission and Father Gabriel gives him a Bible. In time, Mendoza takes vows and becomes a Jesuit under Father Gabriel and...
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