The Medium Is the Message & Media Hot and Cold

Topics: Mass media, Marshall McLuhan, Television Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: March 31, 2011

The Medium Is the Message & Media Hot and Cold


According to Mcluhan (2002), the media is a very significant channel of transmission of cultural values from one group to another or across generations. With the introduction of the television in the year 1948 in America, radio became less popular since the new media seemed involving and enticing than the former. It has been revealed that, the media itself is a critical means for transmitting lifestyles in integrative manner. Comprising of almost everything including clothing styles, televisions and information systems, and automobiles among other, the media palsy a very important in unifying human diverse nature. As revealed by Thompson (2003), the introduction of televisions among families between the year 1948 and 1955 facilitated the uprising of various lifestyles among families, having adverse effects to the children. Mcluhan (2002), brings into focus on how the media has the ability to transform the entire cultural practices slowly by slowly without being noticed. This paper presents arguments on the ability of media to change the entire society and the subsequent implications it has on cultural trends. It is important to note that, Mcluhan (2002) considers the influence of media on culture in perspectives of participation and information, where any media involving low involvement, but high in information as being hot. In this case, the radio falls in this category, since its ability to provide rich information with only listening as the only active activity. Television on the other hand involves more of active participation on top of it being high in information provision. On this basis, television can be described as either hot or cool. According to Spigel (1995), the impact of television on the entire personality is higher than it is with radio, though this happens without...

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