The Media Truthfulness

Topics: Newspaper, Critical thinking, Truth Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The important functions of media are to inform, educate, interpret, and entertain for the people. As millions of people depend on media for information the question arises on how credible the media is in the world. Objectivity should be the most important element in reporting the events which is a quality of being worthy of trust, or the capacity of trusting. In the media, objective is to get all sides of a story, and to leave oneself out of it. It’s about being neutral. The media is characterized as being unreliable and is losing credibility because most of the news is not accurate. A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows that only 29% of Americans feel the media "generally gets the facts straight." It means people feel that they are not getting a good understanding of real events happening in the world through the media. The new survey also found that 60% of Americans think news organizations are politically biased. The media are responsible of collects, summarizes, and frames the information for any news that the president want to declare. If they are susceptible to this type of orders by the government. Who warrant that they are not so when there is a news that the government does not want us to know. It could be modified without knowing. For example, when the first men came to the noon, the media didn’t show the real video filmed on the noon. Because for some reason the government said so. The skewing of facts that the media does may not be considered as a lie. But a bad interpretation of information. What the media does is confuse or manipulate the thoughts of the people by basing some facts on unreliable ideas so it may look right for viewers. The media doesn’t tell you all details, use suggestive questions in interviews, focus on one part of an issue. For example, the last time I read a newspaper it said "Nearly as many Americans die from guns as from car crashes each year." This was true to a point. What was not pointed out is that two thirds...
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