The Meaning of Being Alive

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Carpe diem Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The other day I was looking through an old notebook of drawings I had done in High School, and I guessed I had forgotten how obsessed I used to be with death. When you are a kid you don’t really understand the concept of death because you can’t understand the concept of life either. What is life, or rather, what do we mean by being alive? In my opinion life is the most precious gift ever given to us though it is difficult to be understood as a concept. It is a one time deal and we have to make the best out of it. Being alive is enjoying freedom. Life is freedom. We are free to expend it for nothing or for everything… A bird flying in the sky lives for the only reason of appreciating freedom. How can we imagine a life without being free? When we are free our life is filled with the joy of exploring. We live to explore everything that is around us and for sure freedom gives us the feeling of enjoyment. For a free person the sky is the limit. As such, the worst punishment for a human being is to be put in jail. This situation leads to isolation, limitations and lack of freedom. Prisoners then lose the interest in being alive and they feel as if they can not do anything they enjoy. Moreover, to be alive means to face curiosity which, in my opinion, is an aspect that defines life. Curiosity is the machine that keeps life as interesting as it is. Even a piece of paper is interesting to human’s eye. Romantic poets were for sure inspired by features that made an ordinary object appear different in everyone’s eye. We are curious about everything since we are toddlers. Life is full of surprises, we don’t know what comes after and for sure we are curious about life events and this very fact makes us be alive. The next thing about life is the carpe diem principle, which means seizing the moment. Life sometimes is too short for us to think much before actually concluding with an action. We have to be able to seize every surprise that life offers to us, to deal with it and...
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