Mysteries in Life

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Mystery in

Mystery of Life
Life is a wonderful gift of God that given to us, even life on earth or in heaven. Life is the source of existence of every living creature. Life is almost close to perfect as I have seen it but you cannot deny the fact that life is not perfect. However, life has its own mystery and mystery is just unknown truth that we do not know yet or perhaps truth that will remain undiscovered forever. It is the domain responsible for man’s curiosity and stupidity. Our life becomes more mysterious because of man’s questions and lies. The curiosity of a man can lead him into his own stupidity. Many people wonder about the beginning of something or the destination of it but no one wonders about the purpose of existing something. Man starts to wonder when he does not know why those things happen, when he has an unanswered question or unsolved problems. We wonder because our minds are not capable enough to understand such thing called mystery.

We are living now to the world that has a great number of secrets around us. Even though some of the questions before are answered now there are still mysteries that continue to reproduce. As time goes by, people still encounter those enigmatic facts, which make them curious and most of the time it makes them weird especially when they started to feel it and to tell it with somebody that close to them. It is very unusual to meet something that is unique or a thing that hard to explain precisely and difficult for anyone to believe in it. Because of this, it may remain forever a mystery… Origin of Humans

For centuries, origin of human is still a big question mark in our society. In fact, there are many theories and legends about the origin of man. The religion and the science have a rivalry about the derivation of humanity. Religion especially Christianity claimed that man was create by God (Yahweh). Scriptures say that man was create out of mud and Adam and Eve were the great ancestor of mankind. However, science opposed it. According to Charles Darwin, a scientist, man is actually comes from the apes and eventually evolved into man, but this theory does not have a strong evidence because there is a missing link that Charles Darwin is not able to figure out. One more evidence that religion and science is not really agreeing each other is the origin of the universe. Based on bible, universe was create by God on the first day of His creation. While science has many theories about the creation of universe but they all contribute that universe isn’t made by God. This phenomenon has been the main reason of man’s maze. The conflict between the religion and science became the mystery of origin of life. They don’t know which statement they will believe because some people do not really know which is really true. But the worst of all, ignorant people believe on the lies about human.

Religion Differences

Religion is like a bridge where the other side of it is you God, waiting for you. It is like a road to your final destination, a paradise, which is so beautiful and peaceful; all around you was cover with love. Humans were not much different from the other humans, but their beliefs made the most of their difference. In fact, because of these differences they declare a war from each other, thus it produces anger, sadness longing for someone, hatred, hindrances, and envy that is why love is being vanished.

Christianity is the one of the major religion in the world that believes in Jesus-Christ, Christianity is actually derived from Judaism but they are not the same. Islam the religion of the Muslims and has a great number of believer. It is also the religion the dominating the world in terms of followers. Hinduism is the religion that believes in the three Gods, (Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu). It is the dominant religion in India. Buddhism is the dominant religion in South-East Asia, however Philippines is the only Christian country in South-East Asia. In China,...
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