The Market Revolution

Topics: United States, Slavery, Innovation Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: September 9, 2009
The market revolution in the United States brought a sudden change in the manual labor system originating in south and digressed to the north and later spread to the entire world. The integral part of the economic growth in the United States in the nineteenth century was a good thing that brought change in the market. In respect to the change, America took its first major step in creating the world’s most stable and strongest economy, which gave room for growth among the citizens. The time of the market revolution is a time of immense political change but also of great economic and technological innovation. It was a period American market experienced a fast economic growth and expansion. This was the period America underwent a serious economic transformation. Due to the economic expansion there was greater wealth, which had some benefits for most elements of society except for the Indian tribes. This is thought to be provoked by increasing industrialization, such as Eli Whitney's invention, the Cotton Gin. This was a time there was so many change and invention in transportation, communication and technology in the United States and all this innovations never changed during the British rule but was actually under developments during that era. Many Americans committed so much effort in finding and solving the technological problems that slowed down the commerce within the country. Also with the invention/building of the canal, steamboat, telegraph and railroad brought the united states out of the economic past by making transportation cost less, because there was creation of toll roads/new roads and for the mercantile to sell their goods and services and created a land of settlement. The water transportation was of great help to the transportation of goods. The Erie Canal made it easy for goods/products to flow easily between New York City and great lakes and with the creation of the canal it attracted a majority of farmers migrating from New England and this...
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