The Marijuana Grower's Guide

Topics: Hemp, Cannabis, Hashish Pages: 28 (9894 words) Published: November 22, 2005
by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal
Typed by Ben Dawson
Revised 1992
NOTE:- Footnotes have been placed in double brackets (()). Numbers throughout refer to bibliography and are sometimes in brackets, sometimes they aren't. All dates are for northern hemisphere only. Comments on pictures are in curly brackets {}. Please distribute this widely so we can all smoke better marijuana. Legalise marijuana. 4 October 1996

Copying this book was a megamission that took about 3 weeks in the September of 1993. Everything in the book has been copied - even the bibliography. The online version of this guide is available at: Ben Dawson

January 1998
Hyperlinks were added throughout the document for easy navigation. Also the text was formated to be more readable. Alonso Acuña. August 1999
This File is currently available at As far as we are aware, it's the only place online to find it, please distribute this file freely. - Mellow Gold Staff

History and Taxonomy of Cannabis [1]
Cannabis and Ancient History [1.2] Cannabis and American History [1.3] Cannabis and: Species or Varieties [1.4]

Cannabinoids : The Active Ingredients of Marijuana [2]
Cannabinoids and the High [2.2] Resin and Resin Glands [2.3] Production of Cannabinoids by Cannabis [2.4] Cannabis Chemotypes [2.5]

Before Cultivation Begins [3]
Choosing Seeds [3.2] Cannabis Life Cycle [3.3] Photoperiod and Flowering [3.4] Inherent Variations in Potency [3.5] Cultivation: Indoors or Outdoors? [3.6]

Indoor Gardening

Introduction [4]

Artificial Light [5]
Features [5.2] Sources [5.3] Setting up the Garden [5.4] Electricity [5.5]

Soil and Containers for it [6]
Pots and Other Containers [6.2] Properties of Soil [6.3] Preparing Commercial Soils and Mixers [6.4] Buying Soil Components [6.5] Digging Soil [6.6] Growing Methods [6.7]

Maintaining the Correct Environment [7]
Requirements for Germination [7.2] Light Cycle and Distance of Lights from Plants [7.3] Water [7.4] Air [7.5] Humidity [7.6]

Gardening Techniques [8]
Thinning [8.2] Transplanting [8.3] Supports for Plants [8.4] Uniform Growth [8.5] Pruning [8.6] Training [8.7]

Nutrients and Fertilising [9]
Nutrients [9.2] Application: Fertilising [9.3] Nutrient Deficiencies [9.4] Soilless Mixtures [9.5]

Diseases and...
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