The man who fell to earth

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The man who fell to earth – Jeppe S.
Takeoff and ripped off

Mohammed Ayaz was found dead at Wednesday July 18, 2001. Ayaz was found by a staff-member of the DIY superstore just before 7am. Chief Inspector Sue Hill described Ayaz as a “suntanned man, of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance”.

A month after Ayaz’ death the police finally figured out how it went. As suspected the victim had climbed up under the wheels of a Boeing 777. He breached security far too easy. But what Ayaz didn’t know was that these kinds of escape by plane don’t always go as in movies. First of all, he had to climb 14ft up one of the wheels and find a good spot to hold on to as the plane reaches its speed at 180mph. Despite these already tremendous hard pieces of work you still have to manage get in a position where you can be when the wheels go up in their flight-position.
The police claim that this was the cause of the accident. Ayaz’ body was crushed in the wheel bay as they came up again. We’ve had Goodyear to give us a comment on the mechanism that caused the death of Mohammed Ayaz. “There certainly used to be a belief that there was a secret hatch from the wheel bay into the cargo bay, and then into the passenger cabin, as if it were a castle with a dungeon and a series of secret passageways”. So, this is only a thing you see in movies. In fact, the little cabin which contains the wheels has no oxygen and when the planes are above 18,000ft it begins to reach minus degrees and a lack of oxygen.
As soon as the body smashed into the ground at the Richmond branch of Homebase he became work for Chief Inspector Sue hill that stood for the investigation of Mohammed Ayaz’ dead body and cause of death. The only information they could gather on Ayaz right away was a book with a few phone numbers in it, which led them to a Pakistani background but no identification for Ayaz’ himself. Although Hill and her team found themselves “lucky” as the body could have landed in many even

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