The Man That Was Chiseled Out of Stone

Topics: Clint Eastwood, Film, Million Dollar Baby Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Miss York
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The Man That was Chiseled Out of Stone
“I figure that by the time I’m really old, somebody at the Academy Awards will get the bright idea to give me some sort of plaque, I’ll be so old, they’ll have to carry me up there”. Clint Eastwood said this quote because he is still seen as a leader today, even though he is old; this shows that Clint Eastwood will never be forgotten. He may be awarded more plaques as he ages. He has shown power by the tremendous amount of movies he has participated in. Clint Eastwood is a very well-known movie actor and had an influence on people in the world; his power over other actors and people is amazing.

Clint Eastwood was born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, California (“Clint Eastwood par. 1). He was born during the Depression, and his family moved from town to town looking for jobs (par. 10). His father was Clinton and his mother was Ruth Eastwood (par. 3), and he had one sister (par. 10). He went to Oakland Technical High School and played Varsity basketball (par. 11). As soon as he graduated high school, he got work like pumping gas, cutting lumber, fighting fires in Oregon, and worked in a Texas blast furnace (par. 11). He went to Los Angeles City College and was in the United States Army for four years (par. 3). Eastwood had two wives, one was Maggie Johnson and the other was Dina Ruiz (par. 3). He had seven children with three women, two to whom he was married to (par. 3). He is still living today at 83 years old and is still directing; in 2011 he directed Leonardo DiCaprio (par. 31).

Clint Eastwood has some major power like the 17 major motion pictures that he directed by 1993 (“Clint Eastwood” par. 27). Clint Eastwood started being and actor in 1964 and has produced and directed movies and films since 1970 (par. 4). That shows great power by how he was only an actor for six years then became a director in such little time. In 2008 Eastwood was awarded best actor...
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