The making of a nation

Topics: Moses, Israelites, The Exodus Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Tenniel Jordan
February 15, 2014
Prof. Rand

The Making Of A Nation
Israelite, deliverer, lawgiver, leader and prophet of God are some of the many names ascribed to Moses. His life filled with miracles and prophecy serves as a model to all. Yet, his most notable acts are those that lead to the forming of a nation. His life can be broken down into three equal portions of forty years. They are his life in Egypt, exile in Arabia, and government of Israel. Within this span of one hundred and twenty years God through Moses worked his plan of redemption for the children of Israel and the world. Moses is one of the most renowned figures in the Old Testament. His life from the beginning was ordained by a God he had yet to meet. Moses born of the tribe of Levi was birthed into a turbulent time for Israel. Pharaoh, not knowing the good that Joseph had done for the land feared the growth of this soon to be nation. He ordered that all male children be destroyed. (Exodus 1:10, 16). By the grace and love of God Moses’ mother was able to conceal and keep her child. When it became impossible for her to hide him she put him in a papyrus basket and placed him among the reeds of the Nile. Subsequently, the daughter of Pharaoh who had come to the river to bathe spotted the basket and found Moses. She then took him and raised him as her own. (Exodus 2:1-9). According to Acts 7 Moses was well learned in all things Egyptian and was a man of power. When Moses turned forty, God began to turn his heart towards his people. In an act of vengeance for a beaten fellow Israelite Moses killed an Egyptian. The next day in trying to make peace between two other Israelites Moses finds out his act of killing was made known. For fear of what Pharaoh would do Moses fled to the land of Midian. In this place Moses became a husband and a prophet. In seclusion of a shepherd’s life Moses received his call from God. There on the mountain of God Moses beheld a burning bush. An angel of the...

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