The Machine Stops

Topics: Bible, Earth, 2000 albums Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: November 10, 2008
The Machine is an example of a dictator - demanding complete control. Any one who rebels against it has to face Homelessness (cover truth for death). Each infant was examined at birth, and those that showed undue strength were killed. The Machine was very cautious and made sure it did its best to minimize rebellions. The Book of the Machine contains all the instructions used to build it. Just like the Holy Bible it is caressed. Its superiorness has brainwashed humans and caused everyone to remember human uniqueness such as freedom, contact, individuality and independence etc. Vashti is the mother of optimist Kuno. She is very reliable of the Machine as if it was created by God himself. She is described as a very unattractive person due to the machine’s dwelling, evidence is given such as ‘her face as white as a fungus’. The simile suggesting that lack of light has caused her face to look as pale and as ugly as a real fungus would. As well as ‘a swaddled lump of flesh’ emphasizing on the idea she’s nothing more than fragile skin and weak bones. ‘Hid Greece behind a metal blind’ shows that Vashti is determined to shut the world behind her and obey the Machine’s rules although she reluctantly gives in to Kuno’s efforts to persuade her to join him and to meet each other in person.

Kuno on the other hand is independent, optimistic, and possess a great deal of physical strength. He manages to get to the surface of the earth through a gap where he witnessed life.
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