The Lung of Our Earth

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Rainforest, Deforestation Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: October 23, 2011
One and a half acres of the rain forest-“the Lung of the Earth”, are lost every second. In fact, they now cover only a mere 6% of the earth's land surface compared with 14% when humankind first settled. Experts estimate that the last remaining rain forests could be consumed in less than 40 years. Obviously, deforestation has been becoming an alarming phenomenon for the whole world. Writing about this issue, Laura Lopen, John Maier and Dick Thompson express some quite strong opinions.

In “Playing with Fire”, the authors indicate that the rain forests of the Amazon are being destroyed extremely. Annually, farmers, cattle ranchers, loggers cut down trees for crops, pasturage and production. According to the authors, these actions have caused serious consequences for the entire planet. Biological diversity and genetic heritage will be decreased dramatically. Plus, it may change global weather patterns in a bad way. Besides, they say that the Amazon rain forest plays many important roles in human life and the environment. It is not only inexhaustible treasure trove of nature, but also a recycler which reproduces most of its nutrients and moisture. More importantly, the forest makes the global climate equable and harmonious. However, its life has been endangered. “It’s dangerous to say the forest will disappear by a particular year, but unless things change, the forest will disappear”, says Philip Fearnside of Brazil’s National Institute for Research in the Amazon. In the authors’ opinion, the Amazon forest’s survival belongs to everyone who has to recognize the great value of protecting the forest.

Firstly, the authors show that huge numbers of Brazilian rain forest are reduced to ashes annually. Farmers burn the forests for crops; cattle ranchers burn for pastureland and loggers burn for production. I agree with this opinion because Brazilian deforestation is strongly correlated to the economic condition of the country. In fact, Brazilian agriculture is well...
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