The Lottery Analysis

Topics: The Lottery, Stoning, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Approximately 14,700,000 people have died from the most famous genocides caused by man. The Lottery was written by Shirley Jackson. The story is about a town who has a tradition every year, one day in June  the people of the town must gather around and play their chances of winning the lottery. At the end we find out who wins and we find out that the prize of the lottery is to be sacrificed. One of the main theme's in this story is the violence and cruelty of humans. The author uses literary devices to show certain aspects of the characters and story to let the reader understand the story better. There are many types of literary elements in this story, for example the author introduces the story with a very casual light mood, it makes the reader assume all is well and normal in the town. The setting isn't very descriptive, but there is enough information to let the reader understand the story takes place in a small town of 300 people. The reason that we know is that in the first paragraph it states, "in this village, where there were only about three hundred." There is characterization, most of the characters that are mentioned are flat because they aren't very important and they don't go through any change. There is one character named Tessie Hutchinson, at the beginning she takes part in the lottery thinking it's fair and goes along with it. But as soon as her family is named as the winner she starts making excuses for why it wasn't fair, then when she is chosen to be sacrificed she realizes that this is wrong and cruel and she tried to tell everyone it isn't fair to kill one another. In the story there are many different author's techniques, for example the author used foreshadowing. In the second paragraph the author wrote "the boys eventually made a great pile of stones in one corner of the square and guarded it" The author makes us think that the boys were merely playing a game by gathering the stones. Later on in the story towards the end we find out...
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