The Legazpi Expedition To The Philippines

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The Legazpi Expedition to the Philippines
As defined, an expedition commonly refers to a long sojourn for the sake of fulfilling specific purposes within a given time. Oftentimes, their characteristics are exploratory, scientific, geographic, military, or political in nature and in breadth.  In the Philippines, there were several  voyages that many in and around the world;  do not have any inkling or idea about. One of which, was the world-famous and historical conquest simply alluded to as the “Legazpi expedition”. This long and winding voyage had begun to sail going to the Philippine Islands on 1521, November the twenty-first. Well, the Legazpi expedition was the fiftieth expedition commissioned by the government of Spain. It had sailed along the vastness of the seas, for days and nights, just to reach the beautiful and culturally-rich island, of the Southeast Asian hemisphere. The said vessel was fully-  loaded with high-powered and innovative ammunitions that came all the way from Mexico. Apart from a single ship, there were other four vessels which had completed the dynamic constitution of the Legazpi expedition. As for its commander-in-chief, it was led by no other than Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Together with him, were five Augustinian friars and an approximate number of not more than 380 men. Logically speaking, geographical and political explorations did require an adequate supply of basic needs such as food and water. Though it was not one of the best recorded international voyages  according to many well-recognized historians of the Philippines, the Legazpi expedition was described by them as relative. It means to say that this journey was able to exemplary fulfill its circumnavigation requisites.  Furthermore, the latter had a very dynamic chief navigator of the ship in the person of Fray Andres de Urdaneta,  along with  Martin de Goiti, a  well-seasoned Marshall, and the gorgeous Juan de Salcedo. Security wise, though it was not that tight and...
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