The Last Lecture

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The Last Lecture
In everyone’s life, there are people. Some of these people walk in our lives for a second, only to run right out. While others walk in and leave a mark on our hearts. Sometimes this mark only lasts for a little while and then slowly fades away, but other times, this mark lasts for a lifetime. There is one man in my life who has made a distinct mark on my heart -- a mark that was created the first time he picked me up and held me in his arms. This mark has lasted ever since then. This man is my dad. My dad is an amazing man. He has taught me an awful lot in my fourteen years. He was the man who taught me how to ride my bike. He would hold on to my handlebars and run by my side as I pedaled. Though I feared that I would get hurt, I trusted my dad and knew that he would never let me fall. When he thought that I was ready, he would let go and watch me ride, making sure I would not tumble over. Although, when I did, he was by my side in a second, picking me up and dusting the dirt off my arms and legs. He would then stand my bike back up and we would try it again and again. With his help, I learned how to never give up. This lesson is not only important while riding a bike, but it is also critical when it comes to life experiences. If you mess up, you have to keep trying. You should not become frustrated and quit. My dad also taught me about money. “If you don’t need it, don’t buy it” is his motto. Though most of my friends love to shop, because of my dad’s words, I have never found it that exciting. This applies to other material goods besides clothes. It is important to realize that simply wanting something is not enough. You should not merely collect items that you do not need. There are people in this world who have nothing. Therefore, when being given the opportunity to shop, you should not buy everything that meets the eye. When I was younger, my dad and I enjoyed playing games together. One of the games he taught me how to play was chess. In...
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