The Korean War Affected North Korea's Economy

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Korean War Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: December 2, 2015

The war in Korea has affected North Korea’s economy today as well as the human rights of its citizens.
Kim Jong- Un is the current dictator of North Korea in a communist country (“North” News). “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” is North Korea’s official name. (“ North” News). In 1945, after Japan surrendered in World War II, Korea was divided into North and South Korea (Ember 1204). Many families were separated from loved ones and resources on the land were too (“North” Central). Thousands of Koreans attempt to escape from economic and social problems in North Korea and flee to China (“North” Central).
North Korea established its independence in 1948 (“North” News). After, World War II, Korea was split into a communist North Korea...

North Korea relied heavily on foreign aid from countries like the Japan and the United States (1207). The estimated cost of the war was between 67 billion to 164 billion dollars (Fincher 42). In the late 1900s, floods caused a famine and dropped the country’s economy (Ember 1207). Food aid had been provided but not since 2009 (“North” Central). Poverty increased and with the lack of food, crime increased (Ember 1207). During the war, production of weapons increased while the production of goods decreased (Fincher 34). In effort of reestablishing the economy, North Korea reinforced the industry by making them owned by state (Ember 1206). Around the 1950s and 1960s, Kim II Sung visited mills and factories, which had a positive effect on the nation’s pride, it made the economy recover quickly (1206). Agriculture and industry makes up most of North Korea’s economy production (1207). Major industries of North Korea include the production of iron and steel (1207). Other industries include mining and machinery (1207). Most of the agriculture is occupied by 37% forced laborers while industry occupies 63% of people (“North” News). Many agriculture products produce include eggs, beans, and rice (“North” Central). Weapons from Russia and China are major imports of North Korea (Ember 1207). South Korea and the Republic of Congo are import partners of North Korea (“North” Central). Petroleum, coal, and grain are also some of the imported goods (“North” Central). Exported goods include minerals, textiles and agricultural fishery products (“North” Central). For a better economy North Korea is trying to develop new gas pipelines for trade with Russia (“North”...
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