The King of Thailand

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The king of Thailand

For me, Bhumiphol Adulyadet, the king of Thailand, is one of the most influential people of the 20th century. There is no other King who is so loved by his people whether Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and who loves his people so much and cares for them. He is the good example to the nation and to the world.

First, the king of Thailand always works for his people. He sacrifices himself for the well-being of Thai people. The king of Thailand stands is the developer. He is considered to be the one and only Monarch in the world who is dedicated both physically and mentally to work for his people. He has been done a lot of project, which can be classified into; agriculture, environment, water resources, communication and public welfare.

Second, he is the good example in his life style. He is modest and not proud. He speaks softly and politely. He also economises. The obviousness for this case is, he always sends his shoes to repair, instead of buying a new one. His clothes are plain, unlike the other monarch or celebrity, who normally wears stylish apparel.

Thirdly, he is the best teacher. He thinks the new useful things all the time, and brings those to educate his people. He initiates the "New Theory", which is one way to enable the people to have enough food; they won't be rich but they will have sufficient food and won't go hungry. Moreover, he wrote the great book, Phra Maha Chanok, which is very good and useful for readers.

All in all, the king of Thailand is a developer king who possesses high exceptional vision in working for the benefit of his people. His projects are useful and using simple technology that can be applied widely throughout the world. His proper behavior is admired by people around the world. Without a doubt, the king of Thailand is one of the most influential people of the 20th century.

written by Ms.Netikan Roopngarm (Netty)
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