Topics: Leadership, India, Developing country Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Since from my childhood everything I am listening about India is mainly only one thing i.e. “INDIA IS DEVELOPING COUNTRY” not only in this century this phrase was running all over through the world’s mouth from past 50 years that India is still a developing country .The main reason for our country’s slow development is CORRUPTION .Even OVER POPULATION is one of the main reason our nation is facing .As India is also referred as a sub-continent, so we have many states and so many POLITICIANS most of them are very less educated and money minded .our nation deserves great leaders with intellectual brains like ABDUL KALAM AZAD,ANA HAZARE,MANMOHAN SINGH ,etc. Even most of the youth was not involving in politics which is also one of the challenge faced by India. Most of the youth should take active part in Indian politics, who are capable of changing the face of the nation. Even poverty also plays a crucial role in India’s future. Harassments on girls/ladies was increasing widely which is a big SHAME Plans to make difference :

Every citizen of India should use their power of voting very wisely in choosing their leader Government should take action on reducing rates of petrol, vegetables, etc Corruption should be eliminated completely

Youth should take active role in nation’s politics
Over Population should be keep in control by educating all people about its adverse effects Women should also participate in every event equally to men and treated equally Every body should be educated and increase India’s literacy late With great leaders and youth I hope that India’s future can be changed by 2030 and will be one of the leading country in world . As an Indian citizen I will strive my level best of my own and my mother India’s development. MERA BHARATH MAHAN JAI HIND
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