The Joy of Text; Theatre Review

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The Joy Of Text
Theatre Review DRA1TKP Tutor: Dr Rob Conkie Monday 1:00-3:00pm
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The Joy of Text
Written by Robert Reid Directed by Peita Collard Performed by Jason Cavanagh, Colin Craig, Kasia Kaczmarek and Elizabeth Thomson Set and Lighting Design by Rob Sowinski Film Design by Isaac Mitchell-Frey Sound Design by Kieran Fox Produced by Rikki Lee Butiner Original Production by Melbourne Theatre Company Venue: Performance Date: La Mama Courthouse Friday 15th March 2013

Originally performed by the Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) in 2011, “The Joy of Text”, by Robert Reid, is now being staged under the direction of Peita Collard at La Mama Courthouse Theatre. It is an absorbing, captivating and puzzling story of deception, mystery and school politics set within an Australian secondary college. A strong performance by Colin Craig as the overly intelligent, mischievous student Danny was a highlight. Both female members of the ensemble, Elizabeth Thomson as the English Teacher Diane and Kasia Kaczmarek as Ami, the teacher at the centre of the sex scandal, were outstanding in their roles. Jason Cavanagh played the role of Acting Principal, Steve. His performance seemed to be overshadowed by the performance of the rest of the cast, however I think this is more a reflection of his character, Steve, rather than his acting. The complicated story revolves around the controversial inclusion of a new text, “The Illusion of Consent”, to the year 12 curriculum. The book is an autobiography about a sexual relationship between a teacher and student at his school. When Danny gets his hands on the book to review it, he is mistaken to believe that the author is actually one of his teachers. He sets out to create his own sexual scandal implicating his teacher, Ami. The school is sent into disarray by his actions and as the play progresses you finally discover the truth and his motivation. This is a satirical play with an iniquitous, intelligent

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