The Joy Luck Club Movie Review

Topics: The Joy Luck Club, Film, Amy Tan Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: December 7, 2006
"The Joy Luck Club" isn't what most men would rush to see at the box office. It is, by general opinion, a chick flick, an epic tear jerker directed towards the sensitive side of people. By just that extremely brief description, I would guess a great percentage of males already have lost interest. Why? Because, as I am told by some women, men lack the one emotion to make this movie enjoyable: sensitivity. Although "The Joy Luck Club" has been deemed a "must see movie" and given four stars by many reviewers, it lacks the ability to keep male interest so I would not recommend it.

Before I proceed, I must clarify not all men will hate this movie. Some may actually like it. However, the type of male this review is geared towards can possibly be described as the Tim Taylor. If you do-it-yourself rather than calling a contractor, believe Maxim and Stuff are God's gift to magazines, and love the rumble of a big block along with the whistle of a turbocharger, then please, read on.

The movie is based upon the bestselling novel written by Amy Tan. Unlike most book-to-film conversions, the story stays exceptionally similar to what the author originally composed. Fans of the novel would consider this a good thing; however in doing so, it lacks theatrical aspects that make movies enjoyable.

Four native born Chinese women immigrated to San Francisco in 1949, all for the hope of finding a better life. Since then, they've been meeting weekly to play mahjong and share memorable stories. Even though their previous trans-Pacific life was filled with grief and tragedy, they named their modest group the Joy Luck Club in an effort to raise their spirits. Forty years later, when the movie takes place, the tradition is still alive.

At the beginning of the movie, we're introduced to a young lady by the name of June. Her mother, one of the members of the club, had recently passed away. Shortly thereafter, as luck has it, her long lost twin daughters were traced...

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