The Ivory Tower

Topics: The Wall, Henry James, The Guard Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: May 18, 2013
The Ivory Tower
It rose up inside of me; the sense of fear was undeniable, as if it were a penned bull being taunted and ready to charge. The Clean, sickly, astringent smell that clung to the air made me feel nauseated. Sweat dripped in beads down my forehead, as my eyes darted around the room trying to catch any sign of movement. My heart beat furiously in my chest, convulsing with every movement. Goosebumps suddenly rose on the back of my neck as I noticed the leather straps binding me to the chair that seemed resilient to any attempt of breaking free. Fear gave way to revulsion, as I realized where I was. I was in The Ivory Tower, aptly named as Walls as white as milk surrounded me. The first thing I remembered was the intense headache, a black void sucking me into the depths of darkness. The only sound preventing me from falling into the abyss was the muttering behind the wall in front of me. I could just make out two men behind an opaque wall, conversing with what appeared to be a clip board in the man on the left’s hand. Beyond the walls, I heard the creaking of rusty door hinges as the inner door swung open. I heard the sound of footsteps as the two men approached the inner wall, treading upon metal. I heard the buzz of a card, and the two men entered. One Guard and a man in a lab coat. The doctor passively gestured at the guard, then to the bindings that were digging into my skin, squeezing the life out of me. The guard advanced towards the chair, holding out his wrinkled, sausage shaped hands that looked like they could rip the buckles off with a clean swipe. Buckle by buckle he took the straps off, each kink in the mechanism seemed like a life time of a wait. When he was done the blood rushed back to my limbs, making me stumble over in agony as oxygen rushed to my deprived limbs. After taking the constraints off, the guard led me out of the ‘white wing’ which was part of the Ivory Tower, and through the hospital. We passed through the doors, as...
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