Drama Homework

Topics: Hotel, Star, Adoption Pages: 5 (1123 words) Published: December 16, 2014
Drama Homework Script Hasan Salman
Have you found it yet?
No not yet I can’t see it anywhere
It’s getting late we should really try to find this hotel
Wait, look over there I see it take a left from here this should lead us to the front gate of the hotel. Sarah:
Pretty spooky place for a five star hotel right?
Ya ya common let’s go in I’m really sleepy.
So this is where the story begins we go into the hotel which was a special invitation given to us and apparently a FREE two night stay at which they called a five star hotel. We walked in and were greeted by this man who didn’t even tell us his name and was wearing a mask pretty spooky. All he did actually was give us our room keys and told us our room number with sign language. After all we were pretty tired so we decided to just go to our room and sleep for the night and to explore our hotel in the morning. The hotel after all did look pretty nice until we arrived to our room. In our room the smell smelt like an animal died had died there and rotted away. There were cracks in the walls and I think one of the windows well someone broke the glass. We didn’t fell like going back to the lobby and complaining about our room so we decided to just pass it on for the next morning. Well there wasn’t actually a next morning that night as soon as we slept something terrible happened I would wake up every hour thinking someone just broke into our room bit it was just the thunder rumbling also Sarah had problems that night she thought there was someone whispering right beside her ear but when she woke there was no one there. Well that night they were there three of them of which one was the one we met at the hotel entrance. Well lets say all he did was grab me by the neck inject a poison which wont let me control my body then run after Sarah who was caught already by the other two masked men. We then surrounded her and the other three guys were kind of saying a spell which turned out to be a spell which possessed her and made her one of them. But who were these people this was last thing I got to saw in my real form after the poisons affect weared off I asked them who are you they didn’t reply but they took their masks off and then I realized it was our adopted son who had done this it was him who killed us. So you probably don’t know who is this adopted son so lets go back an year. Sarah:

I can’t wait I don’t even know if we should choose a boy or a girl. James:
Well I’ll tell you Sarah were getting a boy alright I’ve always wanted a son. Sarah:
Alright alright wait look California Adoption Center first right. James:
Ok here we are lets go in and remember a boy.
Adoption Centre lady:
Hello, welcome to the adoption centre how can I help you.
James: Hi were looking to adopt a boy .
Adoption Centre lady:
Sure wait a sec ill just call the boys out.
So here is where it all begins the boys come rushing out and the lady tells them to sit in a line. We start looking around but most of them were mumbling silently as if they were evil wizards Sarah thought they were saying spells. We didn’t like the feeling so we moved on but unfortunately every single kid there was doing the same thing except three boys who were staring at us kindly in a corner away from all the other boys. So we decided to pick the youngest one of them Peter who was 12 years old but the moment we chose him he started staring at us as if we have done something terribly wrong and now I realize I did. When we brought him to the car he started whispering to us leave me alone or take my brothers with you we just told him to sit quietly and wait because we have a surprise for you. But the whole car ride he kept whispering to us the same thing over and over again until I got fed up I turned around and told him to stay quiet the rest of the ride or he won’t be having his present. Well now I regret doing that cause that just made him go rage he started thrashing...
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