The Internship Report on Ific Bank Ltd

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IX.01Background (THE INTERNSHIP)

We the students of Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A) study the subject's related to business including Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, Mathematics, Social and cultural status and little about science and technology. The schools of business at home and abroad try to familiarize each student as they move comfortably in the business environment. But only the theoretical study in the class rooms is not enough rather a practical experience and the only means of practical experience is internship program.

In the business environment at home & abroad there are lots of financial institution, business firms, and industries which provide this facility towards us. If we could not get this facility of internship then a wide gaps will take place between our study and experience. I think this is an extremely valuable asset for us.

We the students of business do this usually for there months. In our country there are many banks particularly the esteemed private sector banks, and elite business firms provide this. In this respect I have done my internship at IFIC bank ltd. the one of the most renowned private bank in Bangladesh. I am thankful to IFIC Bank for this.


The objectives of the reports is to provide

a general description of the branch banking
an exposure of practices of different banking activities in IFIC Bank Ltd..relevant rules, regulations, theories and practices for banking.


IFIC BANK LTD. is one of leading private commercial banks of the country. Through it has 62 branches all over the country, it is performing banking activities very successfully. To mobilize funds from surplus units and deploy funds to deficit units, the bank is playing a great role in the economic development of the country. IFIC BANK LTD. is one of the key players of country’s economic development.


The report covers different departments of IFIC BANK LTD., Malibagh Branch like General Banking, Loans and Advance & Foreign Exchange etc. It also presents a brief scenario of IFIC BANK LTD in total. IX.05Time Schedule :

I have worked in different desks of IFIC BANK LTD., Malibagh Branch. This branch did not give any hard and fast schedule for me. I have maintained the following self-prepared schedule in this bank.


1. Loans & AdvanceAbout 1 (one) month.
2. Foreign ExchangeAbout 1 (one) month.
3. General Banking About 1/2 (half) month.

IX.06Methodology :

I interviewed the branch incumbent, department in charges, officers and clients. I have observed the activities of the people of different desks, I did also observed the practice of the branch’s Management. I have reviewed the Annual Reports – 1999, 2000 & 2001, 2002 of IFIC BANK LTD., Bank Companies Act-1991, Negotiable Instrument Act-1881. I have also reviewed Different Publications regarding banking functions, foreign exchange operation, credit policies, and ‘Practical Orientation Dairy’ Maintained by me.

-This report is formatted into five segments

(a) The Introduction
(b) The Organizational Profile
(c) Overall Banking Operation
(d) Human Resource Development In IFIC Bank.
(e) Performance Measurement
(f) Analytical Study and Recommendation

-In this report the banking operation has been looked into as far as possible and a performance measurement has been done by using different ratios and diagrams.

IX.07The limitations of the report

This is my first report. I am not aware of the format and writing style of the report. I think" this is the main reason why some limitations have been recognized here. But the reports submitted to IFIC Bank academic section's library by the internees student of various university’s worked as guideline to prepare this...

Bibliography: • My daily - Daily Notebook, written during the orientation program.
• IFIC BANK LTD., Working Manual for different department.
• Import Policy, 1997-2002, published by Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka.
• Annual report 2002, IFIC BANK LTD.
• Business of Banking - Dr. R.M. Debnath.
• A Text Book on Foreign Exchange- L.R. Chowdhury.
• Special Project Report Published by IFIC Bank
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