the intenet has become more harmful than useful

Topics: Success, Happiness, Point Pages: 4 (454 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Good morning I bid to the Mr/Madam speaker
Wise and honourable adjudicators,
Accurate and precise timekeeper
My fellow comrades,
My worthy yet sadly misguided opponents,
And last but not least,
The respected members of the floor.
I as the 3rd speaker of the negative strongly disagree with the motion for today which is SUCCESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HAPPINESS. As such, I am bound by my duty to rebut, refute and expose all three points brought forward by the affirmative. After that, I will reaffirm the negative’s stand on today’s motion, which is “HAPPINESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SUCCESS” Allow me to first and foremost rebut the elaborations made by the third affirmative speaker. Ladies and Gentlemen,

My opponent said that… (Rebuttals)

But let us not dwell in the murky and weak elaborations and stand brought forward by the third speaker of the affirmative. Instead allow me to contradict the feeble points brought forward by the second speaker of the affirmative. Members of the floor, my dear opponent stated/said that…(rebuttals)

Now, allow me to rebut the ludicrous point made by the first affirmative speaker. He/she said that…(rebuttals) Not only that, the affirmative was not able to satisfactorily answer the Point of Information given by us, the negative. Their motion was not only weak, but it was not supported with facts and research that came from reputable sources. Meanwhile, we the negative have been able to answer all Point of Information given satisfactorily and our motion is supported with three strong points and examples with concrete research and statistics by reputable and renowned people and institutions. Now allow me to reaffirm the negative’s stand on today’s motion. (Say back all three points)­­­­__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________­­_ Therefore,...
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