The Influence of Using Sequentra®

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RESEARCH Methodology

The Influence of Using Sequentra® on the Johnson Controls Inc. – Global WorkPlace Knowledge Centre’s (JCI-GWK) Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services and to the Clients


Dr. Milagros Malaya


Mark Anthony M. Villasis

February 05, 2011


I.Background of the Study2

II.Statement of the Problem3

III.Objectives of the Study:  General and Specific4

IV.Significance of the Study 4

V.Review of Related Literature5

VI.Integration of Literature Findings8

VII.Assumptions of the Study8

VIII.Operational Definition of Terms9

IX.Conceptual & Operational Framework12

X.Scope and Limitations13




I. Background of the Study

The business process outsourcing (BPO) invests heavily with technology and infrastructure. The Philippines to date is at par with the world’s best in technology. Due to their substantial investment in systems, networks, security, and software, most global BPO providers look for highly transactional, technology-intensive work such as portfolio database management, payroll, and records management to achieve the highest profit.

With the global marketplace becoming increasingly competitive and the insatiable appetite for business information, the volume of data that must be managed and assimilated is growing at an exponential rate. Global corporations require standard processes, consistent data to enable global consolidation and the ability to transform raw data into business intelligence to support better decision making. In many cases, regions, countries and even cities have different finance systems, computerized maintenance management systems, purchase order processing and call centre platforms with inconsistent data capture and coding. Just to add to the complexity the data can be in different languages.

To keep track of the data collected from business operations most companies use multiple systems. Retrieving and consolidating this information in a timely manner (e.g. month end reporting) can be a costly and resource intensive task. Information management centres have been forced to provide more services whilst reducing resource costs to remain competitive.

In response to these business challenges, GWK is currently using Sequentra®, a web-based software that allows capturing the following key areas of information in one comprehensive web-based application.

|Lease Administration |Transaction Management | |Rent & operating expense tracking |Project milestone tracking | |Full client chart of accounts for AP integration |Project budget tracking | |Critical lease dates & options |Performance measurement | |Key property contacts |Electronic customer satisfaction surveys | |Space allocations – internal charge backs |Document management | |Space type allocations | | |Document management capability | |

II. Statement of the Problem

This study will be conducted to explain the influence of Sequentra® to the Transaction Management and Lease Administration Services of JCI-JWK and to the customers. This study was intended to answer the following...

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