The Infiltration of America: Illegal Immigration Solutions

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In writing a paper on immigration in America, the featured texts illuminate what problems have arisen and what measures can be taken to solve them. Illegal immigration, primarily from Mexico, has become an increasing problem since the early nineties. While immigration laws are set in place to stop this infiltration, authorities do not always act. America has become a feeder for emotionally injured people, or people seeking refuge from their own country. A high majority of illegal immigrants arrive in poverty and inevitably end up on welfare. The problem is not the arrival of these refugees; it is that they are illegally benefiting from America’s generosity. The following gives a general overview on the steps that can be put into place to help prevent this problem. Through an increase in border patrols, stricter repercussions for violations, and a set punishment for employers, America can regain its economy, job security, and health as a nation.

The Infiltration of America: Illegal Immigration Solutions
America has become the melting pot for the world. Written directly on the Statue of Liberty’s base states, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” What many fail to realize, though, is that the statement does not say, “Give me your tired and poor and let me use tax money to pay for their lives.” Many misread the quote as one of offering a life; instead it is one of offering a chance to make a life. America takes in anyone from anywhere. In America, being selective is a downfall; it will not discriminate against anything, even if that something is a parasite slowly draining the life force from a nation’s people. Illegal aliens manage to collect welfare, steal jobs, and increase the overall number of impoverished in whatever country they infiltrate. Immigration is good, illegal immigration hurts a nation. The number one offender of illegal immigration into the US is Mexico. Mexicans cross the border from a terrible life into the promise land, but return little of their profits back into the system. The problem lies not in the fact that they are here, but in the fact that the law has been broken and the damning effect on the nation’s people. In order to solve the problem of illegal immigration the United States government needs to tighten restrictions on those who employ undocumented immigrants, increase border patrols, and apply more severe penalties for those in violation. Employers exploit runaway aliens with the promise of low, but manageable, wages. The job economy is a crashing beast, as it has been from the beginning of time. Larger ones trample small businesses daily. However, a new trend has sparked; if the business employs an illegal alien at a low rate, the alien cannot say anything for fear of being deported. With the world economy collapsing “where there is a job waiting, people will cross the border” (Unknown). Employers themselves hold the blame for enticing the immigrants with guarantees of better lives. If a pregnant woman seeks asylum and is turned away she will “claw her way back to the US in search of a new beginning” (Maddali). Young women all over other countries face a horrible future of poverty and shame if they become pregnant. In America they have the promise of a job and a home, which is the most enticing of all. The promise land also includes payments for children, free good schooling, free books, huge public libraries; all things many families strive to experience. A tax-free job just solidifies the allure of America. Current repercussions for employers do not provide motivation to follow the law. The US congress seems more interested in arguing over more publicly accepted ideas than tackling the beast ahead of them; once the employers understand that employing illegal immigrants results in heavy penalties perhaps the calling for unethically cheap workers will cease. While current laws prohibiting the employment of non-citizens, or those...

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